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Facebook marketplace-Sites like Craigslist

Top 6 Free Sites like Craigslist to Buy or Sell

Since the time of Johannes Gutenberg, the man who started the printing revolution, businesses and companies have used the classified ads space on newspapers to market their products. In recent years, due to the information age, businesses and companies have moved from classified ads on newspapers, radio, and TVs to […]

Oodle - Backpage Alternatives

Top 7 Backpage Alternatives You Should Try Out

There are many websites offering classified ad services to both sellers and buyers in any locality. For a long time, Backpage was the go-to site for anyone with something to sell. Its popularity stems from the fact that it allowed buyers and sellers to connect without having to pay anything. […]

How to Sell Your TV

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Old TV for Cash

A new, shiny TV is excellent. You like the picture quality, the curved screen, the audio capability, and its smart features. Nothing could be better, right? 2 or 3 years later after the TV purchase, the once great qualities that you enjoyed aren’t so great now. It’s time to move […]

Advantages of Working a 9-5 Job

The 9-5 Job- What are Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

Working a long-term full-time job which is also commonly known as the ‘9-5 job‘, can be both beneficial and disadvantageous. While the job can give you a sense of security and financial stability, it can also prevent you from grabbing more lucrative opportunities out there and even prevent you from […]